Golf Cart Rules

Rules and expectations for golf cart use:

  • Operate carts responsibly:
    • Do not apply the brakes hard (except if necessary, which probably indicates violation of one of the aforementioned rules of responsible operation)
    • Do not exceed the safe speed for any condition,
    • Do not make sharp turns
    • Do not tailgate another cart
  • Never allow anyone to ride on the back of a cart. Carts should only be operated with one or two persons riding on the seats designed for that purpose.
  • Never operate a cart in the areas that are natural grass (the unmowed areas of the course) or areas that are roped off.
  • Never operate a cart off the cart path anywhere near a tee, green, or the areas of the course between them. Park the cart on the cart path and walk to your ball.
  • Never operate carts near any traps or moguls nor horizontally on any steep slopes anywhere on the course.
  • When we are 90 degrees stay on the cart path until you are nearly even with your ball, then move on to the fairway at 90 degrees to the cart path. After hitting your ball return to the cart path along the same route you approached your ball. Do not ride up and down the fairways.
  • When we are "cart path only" keep carts on the paths wherever paths are present; on holes five and six scatter but avoid low areas of the fairways.

The above rules are intended to protect our players, equipment, course, and employees for everyone's benefit. Please be responsible and safe out there!

Dress Code

The following are never allowed :

  • Athletic shorts, cut-offs, or swimwear
  • Golf shoes with metal spikes
  • Non-golf shoes with any type of cleats, spikes, or sharp-edged heels / soles
  • Soiled, worn, torn, or frayed work-type attire
  • Sweat pants, workout / warm-up suits, tank tops

May 1 to September 30

  • Collared shirts / mock turtle necks are required and must be worn at all times while on the course
  • Denim jeans, shorts, or jackets of any kind are not allowed

Additional Information